10 Must have toiletries for travel

I love traveling, as you can to tell by my IG and Insta stories. This year I have learned so much about myself and what my own needs are, not just wants, because my goal has been to declutter and take less stuff with me (in life and) as I travel. Going to places with a baby is fun, but also takes so much more space in your luggage so here are my absolute must haves when traveling.


I do not compromise on skincare. When traveling through the dry air of the airport and the cool/hot/or just all together unstable conditions of the airplane air, it all takes a toll on your skin. Add the stress of packing and taking care of a little one at the same time – is calling for dry patches, weird skin issues and pimples. Anyone experience this before?

We just came home from being away for 10 days, car driving, airports, multiple countries and multiple flights. My skin has remained clear, clean and super soft just like I like it! So I am sharing what has worked for me!

1.Hand Sanitizer: I brought 4-5 with me on the trip to keep in every room and every purse! I used it on the baby, with diaper changes and especially throughout the airport on all of us!

 Babyganics hand sanitizer in this small size is super key!  

2. Cleansing brush: this one is called Mary Kay skinvigorate cleansing brush, its amazing on the price and compatibility! No cords or extra space needed – battery operated and makes an incredible difference when washing face after a long flight! I personally love this purple color because its so fun, usually it comes in white, this was a limited edition color, and the best part – it’s only $50!

3. Jergens Natural Glow tinted body moisturizer. I am as pale as it comes, and for vacation I like to have a little glow. I love this body moisturizer because it gives a great color right away, within an hour or two of applying it – which makes it super convenient when you forget to put it on “on time” and want some color on your legs before you head out the door. (which has happened to me lots of times before).

Tip: for a clean look and seamless tan – shave, then apply moisturizer all over, then apply the fake tan lotion. Especially around the elbows and knees – it will take on the tint better and will look more even once it dries.

4. Men: My husbands 1 must have when traveling is the Mary Kay Moisturizer for men. It has spf and all the anti aging my man needs. Once he forgot to bring it with him on vacation and didn’t want to use my moisturizer, so he made me contact a local beauty consultant and have her drop one off for us at the hotel!



5. My absolute favorite cleanser I’ve ever triedMary Kay Volufirm Foaming cleanser   The real reason I love this cleanser is because of how it foams when I use my cleansing brush with it! Also, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and this tube is so big it lasts me a really long time, about 5-6 months!

6. Eye Makeup remover! In the photo I have the full size bottle in the back, because what I take with me is the mini, it’s just perfect size for my travels. (If you need the mini eye makeup remover for traveling and smart packing, ask me! I will often have a promotion where you can’t the mini for free when you buy 2 products)

I can’t say enough about this product, honestly the best makeup remover I’ve ever used!

7. Charcoal Mask – this is a brand new product for this company and I am SO in love! I think I have a new tradition now! As I am packing up to leave I put the mask on (because I am packing it will stay on longer then it needs to, but I am ok with that!) that way my skin is super fresh and clean to go! I even had my husband do it with me! So far this mask has been with me to New York, Dublin and Paris!

On a separate note – I saw a huge difference in my husband’s pores and blackheads, I keep my skin care regiment tight, so I saw a difference but not as big as on his face!

8. Night Solution and Volufirm Lifting Serum: I couldn’t decide which one to bring so I took both with me! These two products are my absolute must have for a night routine! After I wash my face I apply the lifting serum and then the night solution serum. The vitamins and the boost is incredible! I see such a huge difference if I stop using it just for a day or two. A lot of women comment on my porcelain type skin, and honestly these two are the reason for it! I swear!

The lifting serum is the most expensive skin care item I am using right now but I think it is the one that makes the biggest difference in the elasticity of my skin and the youthfulness!


9. Eye Cream: I LOVE this eye cream because of the cool metal tip – it calms the skin down and allows the puffiness to go down and to me that’s exactly what my eyes need after an over night flight with lack of sleep, jet leg and taking care of a baby tired.

10. Revealing Radiance Facial Peal: let’s talk about taking some skin layers off and doing a serious detox on your skin! I love this one as soon as we get settled into our apartment or hotel room. Nothing freshens up my skin better! I like to do this one at night just in case I have some redness and I leave it on my skin for about 30 minutes (which is more then you need to do) while enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing because that’s what vacation is about!

extra: my favorite deodorant right now is this one from Dove, I like how its easy to use and doesn’t leave white marks on clothes. I give it a thumbs up! Pictured in the above photo.

Another item I bring but not all the time is the Lip mask – allowing my dry lips to recover!

Here is the list of all of them again, click on the image for more details and a link is underneath for each product.



My Morning Skincare & Foundation Routine

Do you ever feel like your foundation is gliding off your face 3-4 hours after applying it in the morning?

Your skin care routine and everything you do before applying your foundation is what will make a difference in how your foundation lasts all day, or doesn’t.

3.5 years ago I went through a lot of problems with my skin, I had to try SO many things and products and home remedies to get it to a healthy place that I am comfortable with. Thats when I found a product line that really worked for me, and my passion for helping women find their best skin possible was born!

–>> My skincare routine video tutorial below <<–

I used to tan, in the booth, regularly. I went from the lightest ivory shade of foundation to Beige 3/4 shades. When I stopped I had to have a reality check with my blackheads, clogged pores, extreme discoloration, dark spots, red spots, and just yucky dry feeling of my skin texture. Check out the video tutorial where I share my winter routine in the morning.

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List of Products I use:

Step 1: Moisturizer – I am using this moisturizer in the winter time, then switch to a different one that’s lighter for summer. This moisturizer last me 2/3 years because I only use it in the winter starting mid fall. Use this as a substitute if you don’t want extreme moisture and repair like I did – Lightweight Anti-aging Moisturizer.

Step 2: Eye Cream – Amazing! Totally necessary!  The customized applicator elevates this cream to a new eye-deal of beauty. Perfectly sculpted to fit the shape of the eye, the metal tip is designed to help impact microcirculation as it gently massages the undereye area to help reduce puffiness. The other eye cream I use and mentioned – Firming eye cream, and its a great one to start with if you don’t use anything right now.

Step 3: Lip Balm – An absolute must in winter time!!!!

Step 4: Foundation Primer with SPF – This is going to be one of the key products to keep your foundation on all day!

Step 5: Foundation – I am using liquid foundation during the winter time in the Luminous formula. On the warmer days I use a matte wear foundation in the same shade and the same formula but with a different finish that also controls my oils. Foundation brush.

Step 6: Finishing powder – aka Translucent powder! I often carry this one with me when I travel through airport, or even during the day when my skin gets a little oily in the afternoon. A quick brush on of the finishing powder and shine all goes away!



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Shades of Grey Smokey eye Makeup

Have you ever had that day when you’re running late, and can’t find your makeup that you want, or maybe feel uninspired to do anything with makeup? I have those days. Over the last year I found my favorite shades which came to a makeup look that’s my go-to on those off days. I always have these colors around, its quick, and I know it well, so when I’m not feeling super confident or have an off day, I can still do a good job and feel better!

What I love about this makeup look is that it only takes 2 eye shadow colors and the best part is that you can change it to match your shades and tones! As always, take the tips you find useful to you, and apply them in the best way to enhance your natural beauty and your eye shape!


  • Pick a shade of grey that will work well with your skin tone, hair color and over all complexion. There are different options and grey can be found in warm and cool tones, so experiment if you need to and find out what gets you the most compliments, or ask me, I’ll be happy to lend my opinion.
  • Have a big fluffy eye shadow brush for blending the harsh lines. I recommend this brush to be clean, it will take the excess shadow off and will be easiest for blending.
  • Lipstick color can change the entire look you have for that day, so play up a soft nude or a light pink for day, and change it up with a sultry berry or a classic red for Night on the town in the same day! Most importantly, have fun!

List of colors used are below.

Before & After:


Watch the video tutorial: 


Foundation Primer
Timewise Mattewear foundation
Concealer in Ivory 2
Brow Pencil in Brunette.
2 eye shadows: Crystaline and Stone
Gel eye liner in Black
Ultimate Mascara In black
Cheek Color: Lace highlighting powder (can be used as a highlighter but because my skin is so light I like it as a cheek color)
Bronzer in Light-to-Medium shade
Lip liner in Neutral
Pink Passion Cream Lipstick 








Perfect Lipstick Shade 101

Do you ever go to the store and buy a lipstick, bring it home to put it on, and it looks funny on you?

Here is my lipstick 101, my top 5 tips. 

  1. Exfoliate your lips routinely. When you can see the natural beauty of your lip color its easier to find a perfect match of a lipstick. You can find many different ways to exfoliate your lips, my favorite is the Lip Mask from Mary kay because it also comes with a Lip Balm. I like that its scent free and very gentle.
  2. Lip Liner – isn’t for everyone, so don’t feel like you need to use it. If you do, stock up on 3 shades: neutral, red, and pink. Those colors will fit perfectly with most lipsticks and you won’t need to have 10 of them on hand. The key is to pick a neutral one that fits closest to your natural lip shade, so this one will vary based on your skin tones. One of my favorite ways to use lip liner is to outline my lips, and even fill my whole lip with the liner and use tinted lip balm to add moisture. Your lips will look like you have matte lipstick on, and its only lip liner! My go to is this lip liner – Clear! Yes, clear lip liner is the best! I can use it with every lipstick and it will give the allusion of bigger fuller lips without extra color, and you only need to buy 1 not a bunch!
  3. Application – use a brush if you have extra time, this will give you a softer look and the lipstick will look more natural.
  4. Blot – it will allow your lipstick to stay on longer and look fresh without being greasy. Blotting also helps your lipstick to be layered, so you can create an ombre effect by using more then one shade, and of course eliminates lipstick getting on your teeth!
  5. Know your colors! This is the color chart I like the most and find the most accurate to my decision making when picking color for myself or for someone else (which I do for my job):

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.25.14 PM

Here are my comments to each category:

FAIR skin

  • Red lipstick is classic, so pick a shade that has a cool tone to it, which will be the blue under tone, it will bounce off the pale skin and won’t make you look yellow. It is also great because it will make your teeth look brighter. Sometimes this shade looks a bit berry tone and often is very bright. Here is my personal go-to red lipstick, I actually have 2 of them because this is my skin tone and I wear red often. Really Red and Firecracker. (one is more moisturizing and one of them is more like a traditional lipstick)
  • Pink is a must for every lady! This color has a lot of variables and shades to pick from, if you’re new to lipsticks, pick one and stick with it as your go-to! In this case for fair skin, keep it light and bright, not too berry, because that can go very dark. This is a very girly shade, soft and romantic. Here are my favorites for this light pink category: Pink Passion (creamy and a tiny bit of sparkle), Pink Cherie (rich in moisture and a little lighter in shade then pink passion, gloss, no sparkle)
  • Peach is a good compliment and a general hue, for someone with light skin this is typically the color closest to their skin tone of their lips (not skin tone). This shade is perfect for summer and spring time! My favorite in this category are: First blush – I wore this color for weeks when I first found it. Its my no lipstick kind of look because its natural and very soft!

Medium complexion

  • Reds – typically this skin tone has more yellow then pink their skin tone, and blood red – a bold color looks great! I recommend Firecracker in this category! It’s bold, bright and compliments very well!
  • Pink is a great must have lip color and I’m recommending Wild about pink Shade – its creamy and has that perfect pink look!
  • Perfect peach color is going to highlight this complexion and it’s of course the color that will be the closest to neutral tone. Check out Color Me Coral  as my favorite for this category!

OLIVE skin 

  • Dark red – pick something that’s cool tone with a little of burgundy color in it. My recommendation is Sizzling Red, it’s rich in color and will go well with the skin tone.
  • Pink category turns into a berry for this skin tone. Because the lip color will be darker, you will find these shades to compliment your skin and lip color – it should be a dark pink version, which is basically berry tones. Check out this one (my favorite name for a lipstick) – Sassy Fuchsia or Rosette for a more natural look. This category is the natural looking lipstick. If you need a perfect nude for Olive skin stick with Rosette.
  • Apricot also means orange. It doesn’t mean this shade has to be bright or bold. But have fun with it! I would pick between Tangerine Pop  and Apricot Glaze.

DEEP skin 

  • Brown Red is your go -to here. Especially if you’re picking up lipstick for the first time in a red shade. You can also stick with a dark red. Check out Red in this shade.
  • Look for a Dark berry color instead of pinks, this one is also going to be close to a natural look for your lips, or a nude lip. Look for something like Berry Kiss  or Rich Fig .
  • Dark Apricot is basically a yellow/brown tone of lipstick. Look for a pop of color like Citrus Flirt or Sunset for a more natural look.



CONFIDENCE! Honestly, these rules are really for someone who is new to wearing a lipstick. If you find a shade, if you love it, WEAR it! If you wear it with confidence you will look great it in! Use the tips if you need ideas and help, but most of all, enjoy yourself!

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Skin that gets you carded

Do you wish you had skin to go naked in public?

Do you want to shed off years from your face?

I may not be the doctor with all answers, but I’ve struggled with my skin for years and once I found a routine that changed my skin I knew I needed to share it with others.

Here are a few tips to keeping your skin glowing no matter what age, no matter the time of year!

 1. Pomegranates

This year my husband and I changed our diet to all organic, or at least as much as possible, and immediately noticed changes in my skin. My secret weapon this year is Bone Marrow Broth and Pomegranates. Seriously amazing! I eat 1/3 to 1 full pomegranate a day at least 6 days a week. My favorite meal to include it in is Breakfast with Sigi’s yogurt (icelandic formula yogurt), organic almond granola and organic ground flax seed. Super amazing for you! Here is more on the benefits of pomegranates: an article from shape.com

2. Bone Marrow Broth

Before winter came my husband and I decided that we would eat soup at least 3 days a week. I have actually enjoyed making soup from scratch and instead of water I use bone marrow broth. Bone marrow is incredibly beneficial for your skin, nails, eyes, and brain. Read more about the benefits of Bone Marrow Broth here: Article on Bone marrow broth from Shape.com

3. A strict regiment for your skin.

I used to fall asleep with my makeup on and wake up in the middle of the night on the couch only to crawl into bed with my mascara racing down my face. After college when I rented my first big girl apartment and for the first time in my life had buy a mattress, which seemed like the most expensive item ever, I decided to make some changes. Maybe some of you ladies are super regimented and disciplined about your life, not me. I made up rules to follow to trick myself into doing stuff I really didn’t want to. Like buying very expensive really white sheets to make sure that I would not ruin them by sleeping with my makeup on. It actually worked, no matter how tired I was, I would wash my face before going to bed just so that my fancy sheets and pillow cases would be stark white.

Point is, wash your face at night. Take your make up off. Allowing your skin to breathe and rest during the night is just as important as sleep itself is important, daily. You take the time to eat 3 times a day, and you know you need to work out to stay healthy, so I hope you get inspired to take your skin seriously this year too.

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My winter foundation routine

Do you ever find your skin doing this as soon as December comes around?Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 11.13.42 AM

It doesn’t look so bad when its farther away from your face, but you feel it, and as long as you are on the subway, on the bus, want to kiss your date, getting professional head shots YOU feel like your skin is doing this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 11.18.25 AM

That’s not way to go into public feeling like you are loosing your face, which just makes you loose your confidence and who know how it could effect your day, your work, or that date you’re on.

It happens to my skin every year too. It’s normal. It’s your skin telling you that you need to change something. This year my skin started to dry less then in previous years and I believe its because of the food I have been focusing on eating. I talk about my food rules this winter here: Skin that gets you carded

Here is my advice on getting your skin to perfect complexion during the winter time.

Gentle Exfoliation

When the skin is already dry and flaky, even after putting on a really good moisturizer it will most likely dry up and start flaking off towards the mid day. Use a gentle exfoliator because at this time your skin will be more sensitive and anytime you’re switching the routine up, its better to be slow and cautious, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

I like to use a Cleansing brush from Mary Kay cosmetics. It has 2 settings and in the winter time I switch to the gentle setting. I use a Timewise Repair foaming cleanser because it doesn’t dry out my skin after and it leathers perfectly!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.08.18 AM

Hyper Moisturize

I am a beauty consultant and every year I hear women complain to me about the dryness of their skin in the winter months. I always start by asking a few questions.

-What is your current cleansing and exfoliating routine? When was the last time you updated your moisturizer for the winter?

Once you know what you normally use, upgrade the moisturizer to provide more benefits and definitely more hydration. Personally I use the Timewise Repair Day Cream with spf 50 in the winter. Here are some benefits and why I love it:

  • Restores skin’s youthful cushion.
  • Formulated to help minimize skin reaction to external irritants.
  • Skin tone appears more even.
  • Helps protect against skin-aging UVA/UVB damage.
  • Increases skin moisture for 12 hours.
  • Sealed air tight to give the ultimate benefit of freshness and not effected by oxygenation.

Another one of my personal favorites is Mary Kay Intense Moisturizing Cream and a list of the benefits and why I love it, even though its my second favorite since there is no SPF in it:

  • Leaves skin feeling hydrated for up to 10 hours.
  • Infuses skin with a boost of intense moisture.
  • Helps soften skin with a marine extract and humectants.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.

Foundation Primer

One of the things I notice is how many women don’t pay attention to their foundation primer during winter and how big of a difference it makes in how your skin looks and feels with foundation on. When looking for a foundation primer make sure its lightweight, breathable, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested and feels good when you put it on. The last part here is not as important for your skin as it is for you. I always think if you’re going to put something on your body, or on your face, you better love how it feels, how it smells and how much it costs.

Here is the Foundation Primer I use now in my daily routine: MK Foundation Primer.

Foundation Routine

I believe that the most important foundation is the one that makes you start winking at your self in the mirror. How you get to find that foundation is another story.

Of course you can reply below with your questions and with a comment about how you want your skin to feel and I will personally make sure to help you find what works best for your skin type and shade.

Here is my general rule of thumb:

Dry skin: Pick a foundation that’s extra hydrating, luminous, dewey finish, glowing, and has peptides in it. It will be helping your skin regain the glow without being oily. So on that note definitely read the labels to make sure the foundation doesn’t contain actual oils, they will clog your pores and that’s the most common problem with finding a foundation for dry skin – the oils in the foundation.

Here is my recommendation for Dry skin: MK Luminous wear foundation with 33 Shades

Normal skin: Pick a foundation that feels good on your skin. This is the skin type that allows you to have a dewy finish or a matte finish without effecting your skin’s dryness. So it’s all about personal preference. This is where my skin falls into. So I like to have a matte finish in the summer because when it’s hot outside and I sweat it doesn’t show on my face. In the winter I like to go between Mattewear foundation and Cream to powder foundation. The links include the shades I personally wear.

Oily skin: Pick a foundation that’s matte wear and again doesn’t have oils to clog your pores. I also include an oil mattifier, and translucent powder in a recommended routine. The oil mattifier helps with controlling the oils before foundation, and the powder takes the oily look off after just a quick brush on in the middle of the day, or at any time of the day really, I especially love this powder when I’m traveling thru the airport and my face feels like its collecting all the oils from everyone around me.

I hope you found this information helpful! Reply below with your comments and questions I would love to hear what you think! Subscribe to my blog and get the next detailed post with the video on how I do my own foundation application.