Do you ever feel like your foundation is gliding off your face 3-4 hours after applying it in the morning?

Your skin care routine and everything you do before applying your foundation is what will make a difference in how your foundation lasts all day, or doesn’t.

3.5 years ago I went through a lot of problems with my skin, I had to try SO many things and products and home remedies to get it to a healthy place that I am comfortable with. Thats when I found a product line that really worked for me, and my passion for helping women find their best skin possible was born!

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I used to tan, in the booth, regularly. I went from the lightest ivory shade of foundation to Beige 3/4 shades. When I stopped I had to have a reality check with my blackheads, clogged pores, extreme discoloration, dark spots, red spots, and just yucky dry feeling of my skin texture. Check out the video tutorial where I share my winter routine in the morning.

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List of Products I use:

Step 1: Moisturizer – I am using this moisturizer in the winter time, then switch to a different one that’s lighter for summer. This moisturizer last me 2/3 years because I only use it in the winter starting mid fall. Use this as a substitute if you don’t want extreme moisture and repair like I did – Lightweight Anti-aging Moisturizer.

Step 2: Eye Cream – Amazing! Totally necessary!  The customized applicator elevates this cream to a new eye-deal of beauty. Perfectly sculpted to fit the shape of the eye, the metal tip is designed to help impact microcirculation as it gently massages the undereye area to help reduce puffiness. The other eye cream I use and mentioned – Firming eye cream, and its a great one to start with if you don’t use anything right now.

Step 3: Lip Balm – An absolute must in winter time!!!!

Step 4: Foundation Primer with SPF – This is going to be one of the key products to keep your foundation on all day!

Step 5: Foundation – I am using liquid foundation during the winter time in the Luminous formula. On the warmer days I use a matte wear foundation in the same shade and the same formula but with a different finish that also controls my oils. Foundation brush.

Step 6: Finishing powder – aka Translucent powder! I often carry this one with me when I travel through airport, or even during the day when my skin gets a little oily in the afternoon. A quick brush on of the finishing powder and shine all goes away!



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I love makeup, no question about it!

When I teach makeup tricks to ladies I see in my work, they often ask for simple makeup that can be versatile and can be used in different ways to create soft makeup looks! Mary Kay has the perfect solution! I love this palette because it looks good on every skin tone, shade and everyone’s complexion! You can also customize these shades to any eye shape!

Don’t you jus LOVE this adorable little compact called BARE Palette!?

Click here to get your own Bare palette 

and scroll down for details on getting a sweet discount deal



Products used:

(if you love any of the makeup I used, you can pick it up on my website! As long as you don’t already have a Mary Kay beauty consultant! Use Promocode: YOUTUBE to get 15% off your order, you must register to get the discount.)

Eye Brow Pencil in Brunette 

Concealer Ivory 2

Bare Makeup Palette

Gel Eye liner 

Ultimate Mascara in black 

Highlighter in Pearl 

Cheek color – substitute, as it’s not available online anymore

Perfect Nude Pink lipstick Posh Pink 

2nd option lipstick color – Pink Passion  lipstick and Pink luster lipgloss 

I am using all the brushes from the Mary Kay brush collection!


I hope you found some helpful tips to do your own makeup every day and find ways to feel better about yourself! Comment below and let me know what you loved the most!

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Thank you for stopping by to check out the details of this makeup tutorial! I am so excited to share it with everyone! If you know me, you would know that I tend to do my elaborate makeup every single day! Some ladies tell me that they just don’t have time to do make up like that daily, or it costs too much, or it’s just not them….

Here is the cool thing about makeup, ITS NOT PERMANENT. So experiment, have fun and wear what makes you feel your own best!

I am so excited about this makeup palette from Mary Kay because I think its so amazing and you can have 30 different looks from it for every single day of the week! This look is simple and VERY easy to recreate! I will include all the links to the products below, but the entire look is under $100 (which most of the makeup you would re-use every day and it will last you for months and months!!!!)

But first, there is Marchesa.

She is my best animal friend and as soon as she hears my camera shutter on, she’s by my side no matter what part of the house she’s in. Meet my puppy (yes, she’s still a pup)!



ALL the makeup I’m using:

Bare Palette – it has 6 eye shadows and it comes in a compact with a mirror.

Gel Eye liner in Black – comes with a brush to apply

Waterproof Mascara in Black

Cheek color in Ripe watermelon – comes with highlight

MK Bronzing Powder

True Dimension Lipstick in First Blush OR

True Dimension Lipstick in Sassy Fuchsia


I often choose my makeup based on what I want to wear that day, or sometimes I pick my clothes out based on the kind of makeup I want to wear on my eyes, sometimes it gets very specific and my look is all created from a lipstick shade, down to my shoes!


THANK YOU for watching the video, I hope you found some helpful ideas and inspirations on how to do your own makeup!

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For today’s Makeover Monday I want to talk about my Dining room. Technically we have 2 dining rooms in our home, one is formal and this one is more functional every day use. We have an old house and its not exactly all open layout, but we really love having a formal space for entertaining and a functional room where my husband and I share meals every day.


This is what the room looked like when we bough it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.16.32 AM


What this room looked like after I did some painting.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.34.04 PM
Notice the difference furniture makes! And color choice is everything! 


What this room looks like now.


This room took a lot of work and it was definitely a process! It took 3 different rugs to figure out which one fit this room the best, and this table was a process to re-furbish! Take a look at the buffet by the window, it was a dark brown color, all real wood and extremely heavy! It was originally with a big towering top that had some shelving and a mirror on it, the dining room table and chairs are all part of the same set. I am so happy with the way this table came out! It’s hard to imagine the transformation without seeing before and after pictures.

My color theory:

In this room I wanted to have vibrancy, mind stimulation, conversation, brightness and light! There are trees right outside the window providing a lot of shade, so being brown this room was very dark and depressing. I don’t see any reason why brown should be a color for walls, definitely not this shade of brown. Since the house is Dutch colonial I wanted to have a very light hint towards reds, white and blue shades all throughout the house, and since royal blue is my favorite color the inspiration took place!  There are a lot of traveling references in this room and this room became a greek island decor inspired scheme. Slowly I found each piece like the curtains that really complete the look of the room, the cork map, the wine holders and the cork holder shaped in a bridge. Now I definitely enjoy being in this space and this shade of blue just makes me smile.

Here are some more pictures:

This table is from 1950s, with the original wood work. I painted it white and reupholstered the chairs. (the chairs were a crazy mess, I will post the before and after on the separately) There were two sleeves that went into the table and I took them out to make the table more stable, the sleeves I used to make 2 coffee tables in the Parlor. See the Parlor makeover.




Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.33.42 PM






Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.33.34 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.33.18 PM


I love decor pieces that are unique and stand out! This mirror with the white border is amazing, I found it at Home Depot for $19.99! The cork map is a stick on from which I found for $35. It has a few pins stuck in it already to represent the places and countries we’ve traveled to. Choose your decor wisely and take your time picking the perfect items that describe your interests, values and hobbies. 

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and found some inspiration for yourself and your next project!

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Check out this makeup tutorial for the adventurous spirit, a hot date or a night out on the town with the girlfriends!

No animals were hurt in this video or while I was filming, and all the makeup I’m using is from Mary Kay cosmetics, and the company does not test on animals.

To get the makeup you see in the video go to my website: My Makeup stash website!! and just type in the name of the product in the search box. Or contact me directly, I will personally deliver it!

Feel free to use the tips in this video and create the look with the colors you are personally comfortable with! Most of all, stay beautiful and push yourself just a little more with a new makeup routine that makes you feel better about your look!


Makeup used in the video:

  1. Moisturizer, foundation primer, liquid foundation and concealer under the eyes. I use a similar routine every day so this time you don’t see my foundation routine here.
  2. Brows: this time I’m using Mary Kay Brow Pencil in Brunette and Mary Kay Brow Gel .
  3. I am using an Eye Primer before the shadows go on. That’s important in this look  to have the eye shadows stay on vibrant.
  4. Mk Eye liner in black, which goes over the top of the lid before the eye shadow to create a darker look, since Im not using an eye liner after at the end.
  5. Eye shadows: Crystalline, Stone, Peacock blue.
  6. At the end, (this is optional) I’m using an MK Pencil in Deep brown under the eye filling in bottom lashes. I wanted a softer look on the bottom and using a warmer tone helps.
  7. Mascara: because I want this look to stay on for a long night out I am using MK Waterproof Mascara in Black.
  8. Cheek colors: I love products that can do 2 functions for 1 product! So I’m using MK Ripe watermelon cheek duo, there is a highlighter and a cheek color. Then finishing the look with MK Bronzing powder.
  9. Lips: I love using a clear lip liner because it does the job and it can work with any lipstick and lip gloss! I also added Sun blossoms Lip Gloss, my favorite part is that it’s not sticky and doesn’t have any sparkles, just gloss!
  10. Finishing spray and setting powder. This is all for the extra strength stay on power! I personally prefer the setting finishing spray because it keeps my skin moisturized and keeps my makeup on longer.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and found some helpful tips on what you can do to your own makeup to make it more fun, bold and make you feel more beautiful!!

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Have you ever had that day when you’re running late, and can’t find your makeup that you want, or maybe feel uninspired to do anything with makeup? I have those days. Over the last year I found my favorite shades which came to a makeup look that’s my go-to on those off days. I always have these colors around, its quick, and I know it well, so when I’m not feeling super confident or have an off day, I can still do a good job and feel better!

What I love about this makeup look is that it only takes 2 eye shadow colors and the best part is that you can change it to match your shades and tones! As always, take the tips you find useful to you, and apply them in the best way to enhance your natural beauty and your eye shape!


  • Pick a shade of grey that will work well with your skin tone, hair color and over all complexion. There are different options and grey can be found in warm and cool tones, so experiment if you need to and find out what gets you the most compliments, or ask me, I’ll be happy to lend my opinion.
  • Have a big fluffy eye shadow brush for blending the harsh lines. I recommend this brush to be clean, it will take the excess shadow off and will be easiest for blending.
  • Lipstick color can change the entire look you have for that day, so play up a soft nude or a light pink for day, and change it up with a sultry berry or a classic red for Night on the town in the same day! Most importantly, have fun!

List of colors used are below.

Before & After:


Watch the video tutorial: 


Foundation Primer
Timewise Mattewear foundation
Concealer in Ivory 2
Brow Pencil in Brunette.
2 eye shadows: Crystaline and Stone
Gel eye liner in Black
Ultimate Mascara In black
Cheek Color: Lace highlighting powder (can be used as a highlighter but because my skin is so light I like it as a cheek color)
Bronzer in Light-to-Medium shade
Lip liner in Neutral
Pink Passion Cream Lipstick 








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