22 weeks Pregnant

IMG_4818Pregnant and running after a toddler is not as easy as I thought it would be.

At the beginning of this journey into becoming a mom for the second time I really thought I would do things differently, eat differently, look different, gain weight different, I thought I could trick my body and look like one of those skinny models on Instagram the entire time. Well, my body knows how to be pregnant now and apparently it keeps getting harder every time, physically that is.

IMG_4819IMG_4816I’m one of those that keeps the weight up in the upper body and of course the only thing I ever wanted was skinny arms while pregnant.

I started to think back at my first pregnancy with Rollo, and I could barely remember my symptoms, what I went thought emotionally and mentally, and I wish I documented my journey more! It would be so fun to compare this pregnancy to the first one side by side! I haven’t had much motivation to keep blogging since I’ve been so sick in the first trimester, and I decided to come back and document my symptoms, changing body and my experience being pregnant on my blog.

IMG_4798If you’re following along in my journey, welcome, say hi, and especially if you’re pregnant, please introduce yourself, and tag me up with your Instagram, I’d love to be friends and follow along in your journey as well!


I am going back to week 22 of my pregnancy.

(Currently at 24 weeks)

Week 22 was a rough one, as my morning sickness came back and I started to feel those growing pains when your uterus is moving physically and you can feel it getting larger by the minute! I really thought I was done with morning sickness and wasn’t happy when it came back. (thankfully it only lasted about a week)

Did you experience bursts of morning sickness in the second trimester? As far as I can remember, my first pregnancy I didn’t have any morning sickness return at all after the 17th week.

This is the week I also experienced some of the most intense pelvic floor pains. It’s hard to describe, but the closest I can come up with is that its like everything is falling out from underneath you. If there is anyone with remedies to help – I’ll take them!

Over all, I keep hearing that morning sickness means you have a healthy baby, so I am happy in the end that he’s happy and growing strong in there!

IMG_4823Thanks for coming along my journey here!



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