Guess who’s pregnant?

I’ll start from the beginning.

I found out I was pregnant for the second time and then the morning sickness came not long after, I felt so tired all the time I had to let go of some things on my plate. This blog was one of them.


I am a wife, a mom of a busy toddler, a business owner, a writer, and I’m involved with several non profit organizations locally. To add in a household with a dog and a cat to take care of, I really felt like my plate was overflowing.

Hello second trimester!!

Now that I am finally starting to feel better (physically) and don’t have to deal with constant nausea, I think it’s time to reintroduce myself to you all!

In the last couple of months that I took off from blogging I did a lot of soul searching. Maybe you’ve been to a place before where social media seemed to provide too much temptation to criticize yourself, to judge others and to have the need for unrealistic expectations. I was at that place and I just needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and start to love me and the life I have in the now. There is so much opportunity for criticism and comparison via IG, FB and any lifestyle blog you see, I think we need to peal off some layers first and focus on what’s important.

We did find out the gender this time too! I am too much of a control freak, and would need to know as much as I can! Stay tuned for a gender reveal later this week! (unless you go find me on Instagram, because we shared the news already).


I am now half way through this pregnancy. It flew by faster then the first time I was pregnant. Maybe it’s the toddler I am taking care of makes it fly! My first trimester was crazy and medicated. I went through a list of typical symptoms of super tired, wanting to sleep all the time, all day long, constipation, aversion to foods, skin break outs, body aches, hair changing colors, and of course the nausea! Constant nausea!


My symptoms just started to ease up recently, around week 18, so I feel like my second trimester just started! Would you like to hear an update with every trimester on the blog? Give me some love and I hope you’re happy I’m back! I have a couple of really fun projects to share with you all and I’m excited about it!

P.s. How cute is my baby boy who is full grown toddler mode with the sweetest personality?!




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