Nano: Travel stroller review

Are you traveling with kids soon and looking for the perfect travel stroller?

If you are looking for a stroller that you can fit on the airplane without gate check, put your baby down for a nap in and have easy transport, this is for you!


There are so many options available out there, depending on what country you are in, and what you have available to you at your local stores! In case you have ever wondered what it would be like to travel with a Nano from Mountain Buggy, Im here to give my unbiased opinion. This blog post is not sponsored.

First of all, I’ve tested out several strollers, and traveled with 4 different ones. This Nano is my favorite for 3 reasons:

  1. It has a cover and a handle for carrying!
  2. It fits perfectly into the over head compartment of an airplane!
  3. It folds out for sleep.

These are just the top 3 reasons we picked the stroller, and this season of our traveling life particularly. When I was looking for one that would fit what we were trying to accomplish, this was one of the best options for the price point, availability at the store (didn’t have an option to ship it), and function!

We were traveling for 3.5 weeks and had 8 flights total. Our baby is 1 year old and at this point he still naps twice a day, sometimes just once, so it was very important to me that he could sleep in the stroller and we would have the option to be out on the town exploring while he napped!

I absolutely love that this stroller is so lightweight! It makes it so easy to transport when you already have a bunch on your hands going thru an airport! 5 point harness system is great and so quick to buckle in! I always felt like my baby was secure. There is an option to get a cup holder attached, which is amazing for any parent who runs on coffee! You can find the cup holder here.

We tested it out on all kinds of surfaces, and once we came home to the snow, even tried it in this winter weather for some shopping errands with great success!

Watch this quick video for a demo on folding/unfolding.


I do wish this stroller had a couple more features to make it easier! But it’s totally personal preference!

  1. More secure storage under the seat. I felt like there was a ton of storage, but because you could access it from both ways, I had to make sure nothing fell out, and use clips to hold things in place.
  2. Bigger fold out on the canopy. I had to use a muslin blanket to cover up the sun, because at certain angles it was just too small.
  3. Cup holder. I didn’t have a chance to find this cup holder until after we were done with our trip, but its an absolute must have!! Get it ahead of time! (link for it on amazon above)

Over all, I will continue to use this stroller and I love it as an option almost even more then an umbrella stroller just because it fits SO perfectly for a baby who naps during the day, a family who travels and wants to be out all day, and all the airplane rides!

What is your favorite stroller to travel with?



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