What’s in my carry on: travel essentials

Traveling has become a real passion of mine. I always knew I wanted to see the world, and every time I leave our home on a trip I am reminded of why it was always a dream. If you’re new to the blog, welcome! I am a wife, mom to a beautiful 1 year old, and I love to help others make their life and their world more beautiful!

About a month ago our family went on a 3 and a half week vacation and after 8 flights on this trip alone I wanted to share my go to for travel essentials in my carry on! Most airlines in US allow you to have 2 carry on items, one of them being a small suitcase, and internationally that’s also common, except international flights you may experience a weight limit of up to 12 pounds only for a carry on item, and they will weigh your every single item!

What’s in my carry on?

Personal hygiene

Panty liners
– Trust me!

Hand cream, lip balm, hair brush, oil spray (or hair moisturizer spray travel size), makeup wipes, eye cream (I brought my mini version and it was perfect because of its size!), bobby pins, extra hair ties, deodorant, dry shampoo, hair spray,

The exact minute we were leaving our house for this last trip, I went out of the car to adjust luggage from sliding in the truck and somehow managed to slam my finger into the door. I was in so much pain I thought I broke my finger! Thankfully it wasn’t broken, but I was glad I had plenty of advil for the entire trip to get me through pain. A super small travel size bottle is enough!

Athletic body wipes
You certainly don’t have to have this, but if you like to get that clean fresh feel after a long flight and need to be in a meeting right after, then this is for you! You can get them here, because I’m obsessed with AmazonPrime.

Tiny toothbrushes & Mouthwash
One time use Wisp by colgate is what we use. They sell them at the airport if you need one last minute, its usually $4 for a pack of 4. Plenty for you or your family. The best part is that you can use them even at your seat, you don’t need water or mirror, just use it and throw it out, so much better then mouthwash.

Emergency essentials

Almost every trip we took as a family, someone got sick. It could be for a day or two, but it still eats into your trip and being able to enjoy family time. I would definitely recommend bringing some packets and drink one before you leave and then another once you land, or get to your destination.

Tiny sewing kit
Several times on our trips I’ve needed the kit and a couple of times I had to buy a new one because I didn’t bring my own. Trust me, when that button falls off, or you just need a quick stitch, you don’t want to wait to go to the store and look for one, especially if the store isn’t near by.

Rubber band
This one is a good trick to wrap around your passport and keep in your pocket. The rubber band makes it hard to get out of your pocket and harder to steal. We have used this every time we traveled out of the country! You can wrap it around your wallet, or anything else you keep in your pocket that you want to stay there and be harder to steal.

Definite must haves

Compression socks
These are a must when flying longer then 5 hours! My feet always swell anyway, but these socks gave so much support it was amazing! I had my husband wearing them too! I shop a lot on amazon because of prime shipping, so I got these socks here.

Electronics + External usb charger
I keep all chargers in one bag with a zip, that way none get lost, and of course keep my laptop and camera in my purse.

Hand Sanitizer, Laundry bag, Electrolytes, Cough drops, Saline Spray, band aids.

A change of clothes.
If you travel for a long time, or just come off a flight that’s 4+ hours, I would definitely recommend that you bring an outfit to change into when you’re about to leave the airport. You will feel refreshed and so much more comfortable! Keep it in a laundry bag that’s on top of your stuff in the suitcase that would be easy to get to. Once you change, put the clothes you were on the plane into the laundry bag to be washed later. And if you have a baby with you, bring a change of close for each adult and each kid!

Personal preference

Feel free to use what you need out of this section, it’s all my preference!

Neck pillow, Snacks, Protein Bars, Refillable water bottle (preferably with a hook to attach to backpack/stroller/suitcase)

Slip on shoes
Whether you are traveling by air or car, I think that slip on shoes are key! It makes it so much easier to travel in comfort and quick when you need to take off your shoes to go through security at the airport.

Outlet converter
If you travel to a different country, this is a must. They do sell them in convince corner stores, but when you get in and need to charge your phone, you would wish you brought the converter with you. Be sure to check that it works for the country that you are going to, not all are the same.

Suitcase straps
I like to use this one to attach my purse/backpack to the carry on for easier and safer transport around the airport.


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