My most embarrassing pregnant-brain moments

I totally thought I would be able to escape this one.

I really thought I would be fine and not loose my mind during pregnancy. Nope. So many women told me that they couldn’t remember certain words and became forgetful with stuff that was common sense while they were pregnant. Some told me that the pregnancy brain went into mommy brain and they never felt as smart as they were before kids.
I’m not sure if that last part is really true, but I am certain that the amount of time moms spend worrying about their babies, their household, their husband and then their own sanity, certainly makes a woman question her sanity. Nothing is as it was before children. Kudos to you women!

I was just thinking recently about my upcoming birthday, this year is a big one for me, I am turning 30, and as I’m planning ways to celebrate this year I remember an embarrassing incident last year.

Pregnancy brain made me forget me forget how old I was. 

It was my second trimester and during a conversation with a friend age came up, I’m not ashamed of how old I am so I told her I was 27. We talked about having babies and how I just thought 27 was the perfect age to have my first baby. About a week later I was talking to my husband about our plans for my birthday and we almost had a fight about my age. He reminded me gently that I was in fact turning 29 in a couple of weeks at that point. I was in shock for about 5 minutes since it just felt like I aged a decade.

So here I am about to turn 30, loving life and just chuckling over how seriously convinced I was about my age.

Pregnancy brain made me snore – during a massage.

If you’re pregnant and haven’t had a prenatal massage – do yourself a favor and get one! It’s really amazing what a woman’s body goes though so be kind to it and treat your body well! I was in my third trimmest and really wanted to get some pampering and relaxing time after a long couple of weeks.

I really hope that my masseuse doesn’t find this on the internet somewhere because it would be even more embarrassing! She was so good at her job that the massage literally knocked me out! I woke up from the sound of my snoring and I just tried to brush it off as congestion. But really, is it a surprise? Since pregnant woman is usually always tired and ready for a nap or two a day.

Pregnancy brain made me walk into the mens bathroom instead of the ladies. 

I didn’t notice until AFTER I was in the bathroom stall and a man walked in.

Of course I was HORRIFIED!!! It was a restaurant, and event for my husband (which one I will not say so that local friends can’t figure out when and where it was) so of course I was supposed to be on my best, I was wearing a dress and heels, and then of course I had to go to the bathroom fifteen times.

The bathroom had funky picture signs on the doors instead of the traditional “Men” and “Women” sign. So in a need I just went in without thinking the picture through. I thought it was odd that they had urinals there, but then maybe they added them recently? I’ve been to that restaurant before and the bathroom looked different. Don’t worry, I was in the stall behind a closed door when I heard someone walk in and use one of the urinals. I was so horrified because it all came clear to me, I walked into the wrong bathroom. It was a good thing that the bathroom was spacious enough that I could hide in the corner without showing my feet, and trust me, I was so close to jumping on top of the toilet to hide my heels.

It all worked out well. Thank GOD! I was able to walk out without notice, or anyone saying they noticed, pretend all was fine and the next time I had to go to the bathroom I read the sign correctly, trust me on that one!


Did you fart in public and just know that someone heard you? You’re pregnant so it’s ok right? Please tell me I’m not the only one, because seriously, this is TMI, but it never ever happened to me until I was pregnant. And then you get pregnant and fart in public because your body is not your own, its that little human.



Do you have an embarrassing story to tell for a good laugh? I’ll be posting another blog with embarrassing stories of other moms, send me yours and it will be included in my post! Comment bellow or email me at

Stay fabulous,




One thought on “My most embarrassing pregnant-brain moments

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  1. Oh… The farting. Yes. I don’t remember it in previous pregnancies, though I may have blocked it out… But yes.
    Also, yes to the pregnancy brain turned mommy brain. I have brief glimpses of my previous brain function, but I’m typically searching for my words. My vocabulary and attention span have been greatly impeded.

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