I can’t hear you, your engine is too loud. 

At 31 weeks pregnant I probably shouldn’t be doing much of anything intense or physical work. I am not one of those Instagram perfect, with a tiny belly working out every day girls. I eat carbs, a lot, and don’t have the energy or strength to keep a routine at the gym. Walking the dog for half hour is as much as I can get in this summer heat.

At this stage God is teaching me to chill out.

It’s not the first time that’s happened to me. I typically take on too much, get busy moving and doing that I forget to have quiet time, relax, let my body rejuvenate and calm my own thoughts down to hear what God is saying. Ever been there before?

Pregnancy in the third trimester just took over my body one day and told me to sit down. For the whole day. The first time that happened, I was taken by surprise a bit, since I had all the energy to get stuff done, even travel during the second trimester. Now I’m learning a new meaning of rest.

Here is the deal, my mind always seems to be going at 85 mph speeding thru topics and pictures and memories in my mind, when my body is busy I pay less attention to the chaos of my thoughts, and it’s easier to not have to be reaponsible for what’s in your own head. I am finding that it’s not a good thing to be unaware or not want to be aware of your own deep thoughts, fears, desires (usually the ones you don’t want to say outloud because not only you will judge yourself but others will too), and anxiety. It brings pain when your body just stops and you face with the reality of your own soul spilling out at this high speed chasing your peace away.

My body can’t rest when my mind isn’t at rest. How about you?

In my opinion I’m over all pretty relaxed and haven’t been stressing out over Zika or crazy unforeseen circumstances that can happen to my baby, but I’m still finding plenty to stress over when I have to face my own thoughts. Coming into this pregnancy and now having to rest regularly here is what I’ve learned.

  • You can’t hear what God is saying if your own engine “trying to fix whatever the problem is” is running. Too loud.
  • You can’t fully rest and be at peace unless your mind, body and soul are getting the proper resting time.
  • Your mind, body and spirit each need a different way to be in rest, be in peace.
  • Resting, being at peace and rejuvenating looks and feels different for everyone, you have to find out what yours is.
  • I like to have my nails done, sit there and not have to worry, of course it helps that I don’t get my nails all scratched up because I can’t ever sit still after I paint my own nails.
  • You cannot allow your mind to go to the scary place. Not when you’re pregnant, not when you’re a woman. The place where your fears and anxiety lurk waiting to destroy anything positive in your self esteem.
  • You need to surround yourself with the right people who will lift you up, make you dress up and go into public places, and pray for you at the time when you are least aware of how much you need it.


Be encouraged my single friends, pregnant ladies, young moms, and everyone who works too hard. Take time for yourself, to renew your spirit and mind, rest your emotions and hear what God has to say to you.


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