Letting go. For control freaks.

If there is a lesson in every life situation, then my pregnancy situation is teaching me to let go.

If you are a control freak like me, want things a certain way, have certain expectations and have high standards, you know how hard it is to let things go, and how hard it is to delegate. Sometimes it comes with lack of trust in people to do as good of a job, sometimes its pride, and sometimes there is no good reason at all.

If you’re honest with yourself, you will admit that you have a hard time letting go.

I knew that my OCD and expectations get in the way and often make it hard for me to let go, let God, or just relax and be able to enjoy life more. There is beauty in simplicity.

Do we ever loose weight how and where we want to? Is it ever in a timeframe we want? For 99% of women out there the answer is no. That’s how I feel about gaining weight during pregnancy. It’s not how I wanted it and how much I wanted to gain, but its my body making a human, you can only love it for that.

I wanted to have all the nursery items set up and done (via my DIY super powers). It’s still not finished and I can barely decide on the stroller to buy. This is the hardest one for me to let go of, and hire the right crew to do the work that needs to be done. (thanks to my husband who isn’t allowing me to do any physical diy stuff anymore)

I wanted to look and feel amazing during the entire time, I wanted to never throw up, I wanted to have this mom thing down, but you know that’s not happening. My first trimester came as a shock when nausea wasn’t a morning sickness, it was a 24/7 occurrence without the relief, comfort or ability to even move. I couldn’t wash my hair for over a month because it made it so sea sick and dizzy, thank God there are hair dressers.

Let’s not even talk about cleaning the house when you’re carrying a basket ball in front of you. Let’s just not talk about that.

(thank God for cleaning services and options we have today to get help that way)

Let’s not talk about the pregnant women who work out and have the best looking toned arms and legs until birth. Let’s not talk about that.

Letting go doesn’t mean give up.

Letting go of my own self, my expectations for perfection, often my own needs and my physical abilities did not make me weak. In fact, I think it’s empowering.

I think that a woman finds her true beauty when she is able to embrace her imperfections and love herself anyway. 

I think the world is boring if everything is cookie-cutter, laid out in a perfect pattern. AND I know for a fact, the most interesting people I have ever encountered are the ones who dared, traveled, didn’t pay attention to what others thought of them, they dreamed big and loved deep.

I want to surround myself with women who are confident regardless of their imperfections, strong, encouraging and know their value. What I learned is that women like that know how to let go and know how to empower others by delegating. In turn they are able to empower themselves to do and be the best at what they are meant to be doing.

Letting go allows you to focus on your mission, on what matters most, on developing your strength. The more things you keep in control, the more you lower the quality of the outcome.

Allow me to encourage you to let go today, free yourself from the prison of your own mind and restrictions, and focus on what really matters, on what’s really important to you.

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