Pregnant & Insecure?

Let’s face it. We, women, put our bodies through A LOT!

Most of which is like an iceberg; we think, criticize, obsess over our body so much more in our thoughts then we put into words for the world to hear. I think this internal imprisonment of our true feelings of ourselves is more dangerous and damaging then lack of a healthy diet and exercise.


Now that I’m pregnant I find myself asking a new question.

Why do I love my body more now then ever before? Why am I less critical? Why I am less stressed over my appearance and weight when my belly and weight are growing more rapidly then in any other time of my life before?

Then my thoughts go to other women who have been pregnant multiple times and why do they seem, at least to me, to be more confident in their womanhood and lifestyle? Of course I am only thinking of a few examples and I know pregnancy is not an amazing experience for every mother.


Here is my take on it.

I battled with personal insecurities from my early teen years. It may have been about friends, popularity and looks at that point, then continued growing into my womanhood with deeper awareness of my own weaknesses, shortcomings and failures. Working in the beauty industry for 5 years now I learned that I am not the only one experiencing the desire to be beautiful, strong, and courageous. No matter what age we are, we long to be loved, pampered and appreciated for who we are. I worked hard to overcome my battles as a single woman and then as a wife with new challenges of being loved and cared for, AND still facing insecurities of my shortcomings.

Here is what amazes me the most. At 5 months pregnant, my body changing in ways I cannot control, and same goes for my emotions, the heaviest I’ve ever been weight wise, I feel more beautiful and appreciative of my body then ever before! There is something about the baby moving inside that challenges all the awful thoughts about body image issues and focuses in on the fact of a miracle moving inside my belly.


I am learning a new respect for this body. I am learning to trust it more, and not be so abusive to it in my mind. Sure, even at this point, I gained more pounds then some of my friends during their pregnancy, there are women on the preggo journey with me who look WAY better then I do, AND I can’t help but compare my pregnant body to another one, YET, it doesn’t change my new found love for it.

I think this is divine! I want to capture this feeling, bottle it up, and share it with you all who like myself struggled with insecurities! Please stop beating yourself up daily, hourly, constantly; please take the time to appreciate that your body functions, that it is or isn’t filled with disease, that you cant walk, that you can make a difference in how you look if you focus on it and stick with the program. Whether you have ever or will ever experience the joy of little feet kicking around your belly, I would like to encourage you to love yourself first before expecting anyone else to love you and your body.


The way you treat YOU, will show in how you expect others to treat you.

God created you a beautiful creature. It just happens that we are all difference shapes and sizes, and that’s not counting pregnant belly size. Let’s unite as women and celebrate our beauty of differences rather then compare ourselves and tear our image apart by insecurities. Because you are beautiful!


P.s. Pregnancy is a great way to boost up some self esteem and confidence. Im just saying.






2 thoughts on “Pregnant & Insecure?

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  1. Growing up, I would have never thought of you as insecure! You were literally: the MOST confident woman I had surrounding me. But all of us woman struggle with this. You are such a beautiful human, Lyubov. Both inside and out!!!! Thank you for writing this.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet words Liliya! EVERy woman deals with this, without exception. I must have succeeded at hiding it all then! But sometimes its good to let it out and just be for real, because we all struggle with same stuff underneath.


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