Pregnant & caffeinated

Sure, you can go ahead and judge. Pregnant and still in need of caffeine! My first trimester was so rough, I could barely keep food down except bread, lost sleep, and just over all was sick all the time. Forget morning sickness in the morning, I got the worst of it at night.

One day I just couldn’t stand the smell or taste of coffee and wine. You have to know that I am a self diagnosed coffee snob, and am not afraid to admit it. This is hard!

I am so thankful for second trimester making me feel more like a human and allowing me to have food again! I am more energetic, over all I feel good on most days and I can tolerate coffee again! Whether its decaf or my indulgence of a full on cup of caffeine in the morning, its the one thing that’s making me feel like a normal human being again! And I learned that when you are pregnant, you need the things that make you feel normal!


So I thought I’d share my list of “making me feel like a human” while pregnant.

1. Makeup 

During the first 2 months I could not wear eye liner, or any eye makeup because it would burn my eyes. If I did, it was for the hour or two that I needed to go out of the house and then I would wash my face.

Taking the time to do my makeup, even if it was less elaborate then I usually would, made me feel so much better! The temporary reminder that I am woman was needed as my body was going thru all kinds changes.

BTW, I really think that the whole pregnancy glow thing is a bunch of baloney. I would sweat so much all of the sudden that it would look like I’m constantly glowing. A lie. Not so pretty after all.

My favorite makeup look during pregnancy: 


Keep it simple. That’s been my rule. I picked a set of colors in grey for the eye shadow, a bronzer and a foundation that I liked for this look and would create versions of it when I needed to. Because I would use the same color scheme it was easy to create and fast! Nude lipstick that matches every outfit and can be easily changed for a bold color for date night.

So keep it simple, and stick to what you know best for the time when you may not feel your best every day.

2. Caffeine vs Chocolate

Find your pleasure. This time my baby boy isn’t a fan of chocolate. I find it repulsive most of the time. Instead I take great pleasure in a tall decaf (or full on energize caffeinated one if its an early morning) Starbucks late! It does wonders for my soul, my heart and just my state of mind!


3. Heels 

I love them. All of them. I would buy them all if I could afford them. I just love my shoes. One of my biggest fears is that I won’t be able to fit into my shoes after pregnancy, so I am taking my time wearing them now while I can.

I think  you do have to be smart about it. If I know I will be on my feet for hours at an event, I will pick a more comfortable, not so tight in my toes and lower heel (3/4 in). If I know I will be sitting down most of the time, I can indulge into the 5/6 in hight and not worry about comfort as much. One of my tricks also is wearing stockings. They tend to compress the foot in a way that keeps it from sweating and expanding too much so your feet don’t get too tight after wearing them for some time.

I always, always feel more of a woman when I am in heels. There is nothing like good shoes to boost your self esteem!


I hope you find your minimum of 3 things that you can indulge in and feel like the powerful woman you are during your pregnancy! I think if you read the main message you can use the same principle for any time when you need to build up your womanhood.

On a side note, I am obsessed with wearing blue and with my curtains. Aren’t they so fabulous?

Dress is from Banana Republic and necklace is from a vintage shop I found a few years back.


Thanks for stopping by to check out my pregnancy story,

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Stay fabulous mamas and mamas-to-be!



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