Open Concept Dining & Living room

I am excited to share with you some photos from my home!

The images you see are from the two rooms that my husband, my two dogs and I use quite often. They’re where we watch TV (mainly The Bachelor) and just unwind.


After buying our house in October of 2014, we worked hard to transform our “fixer upper” into a home that reflected our life and style. It was important that I create a chic space for ourselves that articulated our style, while still being livable (and pet friendly).

A little about me: from a young age, I recognized how affected I was by my surroundings. The colors, the textures…. everything in my environment impacted my mood…. whether it be more at ease, up tight, soothed, etc.  While I understood that there were many things outside of my control, I knew that the atmosphere around me was something that I could manipulate; and with that, my passion for decorating and redecorating was born. My sensitivity to the world around me was my driving force to enhance my living space, starting with my own bedroom as a teen and now, my house, as a wife and homemaker.

Formal Dining & Family Room:


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.50.35 PM



When we first bought our house, it wasn’t pretty, but we could see the potential. We needed to rip out the URINE – stained carpet (yuck) and replace it with new, vinyl flooring. This was an inexpensive alternative to new hardwood, and it turned out to match the existing hardwood in the neighboring rooms (kitchen and formal living room) quite well. 


As for the color palate, I went for cool tones: gray and white, as my base and built off of that with teal. The purple/metallic chevron dining room wallpaper was a way for me to incorporate a new color into the space. The openness of the rooms allowed for pulling colors and textures between them, making it one large cohesive space.


Disclaimer: I love wallpaper. I know many people are afraid of it but, as an accent, it is my BFF. In future posts, I will reveal more rooms of the house, where you will see my love affair with wallpaper literally “unfold”. I’ve probably flipped through over 100 wallpaper books since we bought the house.

I was able to find a dining table and coffee table that each gave off a similar rustic vibe.  With that, I added faux fur and metallics to add richness and interest to the room. I am such a sucker for fur throws and shiny things- – they both will stop me in my tracks.  Needless to say, it’s difficult for me to make it out of Homegoods empty handed (sorry, husband!).

The Living Room

Before: Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.50.44 PM



I contemplated retiling the fireplace because it looked so dated, but decided to paint it white, which helped to freshen up the whole room. So easy. And I love changing the mantle décor with each season.  Make it lush, and it is a great focal point for any room.  



And I love changing the mantle décor with each season.  Make it lush and it is a great focal point for any room.

IMG_3412The garland:

Adding a full drape of greenery, flowers and ribbon is an easy way to add a beautiful, seasonal touch to any room. This doesn’t have to be something you do ONLY at Christmas time! In fact, I change mine with every season. It is especially easy to do if you keep the base (the greenery) the same. Simply remove/replace the stemmed flowers, or whatever decorations you want to use. What’s great about this project is that you don’t have to limit your mantle to just flowers. Add candles, string lights, or anything else that might complement your space.

I’ve had such fun adding new layers to these rooms, and I never feel as though my work is done! With that, I look forward to revealing more rooms and new projects from my house!


Paint color: Pinch of Spice from Benjamin Moore

Dining room furniture is from Target

Coffee table from

All candles are battery operated from Michaels

If you enjoyed this post, and want to see more home décor ideas (and my puppies), follow me on Instagram @twitterlesstessa ! 


Thanks for reading,



p.s. Give her some love my friends, do you love this makeover? Luba.


5 thoughts on “Open Concept Dining & Living room

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  1. This is so beautiful with the colors and textures how they compliment each other and just flow. How nice to come home everyday to a warm and inviting home that you have created yourself. My hat is off to you. Job well done. 👌


  2. Hi Tessa, it’s Tia! You have such a beautiful home, so glad I read your blog! I feel like I know you a tiny bit better haha:) can’t wait to see what you do in the future!


    1. Thank you Tia! Tess will def get the message and appreciates all the comments! She will be back as a guest writer, subscribe if you’d like to see more! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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