Bombshell Blue Makeup Tutorial

Check out this makeup tutorial for the adventurous spirit, a hot date or a night out on the town with the girlfriends!

No animals were hurt in this video or while I was filming, and all the makeup I’m using is from Mary Kay cosmetics, and the company does not test on animals.

To get the makeup you see in the video go to my website: My Makeup stash website!! and just type in the name of the product in the search box. Or contact me directly, I will personally deliver it!

Feel free to use the tips in this video and create the look with the colors you are personally comfortable with! Most of all, stay beautiful and push yourself just a little more with a new makeup routine that makes you feel better about your look!


Makeup used in the video:

  1. Moisturizer, foundation primer, liquid foundation and concealer under the eyes. I use a similar routine every day so this time you don’t see my foundation routine here.
  2. Brows: this time I’m using Mary Kay Brow Pencil in Brunette and Mary Kay Brow Gel .
  3. I am using an Eye Primer before the shadows go on. That’s important in this look  to have the eye shadows stay on vibrant.
  4. Mk Eye liner in black, which goes over the top of the lid before the eye shadow to create a darker look, since Im not using an eye liner after at the end.
  5. Eye shadows: Crystalline, Stone, Peacock blue.
  6. At the end, (this is optional) I’m using an MK Pencil in Deep brown under the eye filling in bottom lashes. I wanted a softer look on the bottom and using a warmer tone helps.
  7. Mascara: because I want this look to stay on for a long night out I am using MK Waterproof Mascara in Black.
  8. Cheek colors: I love products that can do 2 functions for 1 product! So I’m using MK Ripe watermelon cheek duo, there is a highlighter and a cheek color. Then finishing the look with MK Bronzing powder.
  9. Lips: I love using a clear lip liner because it does the job and it can work with any lipstick and lip gloss! I also added Sun blossoms Lip Gloss, my favorite part is that it’s not sticky and doesn’t have any sparkles, just gloss!
  10. Finishing spray and setting powder. This is all for the extra strength stay on power! I personally prefer the setting finishing spray because it keeps my skin moisturized and keeps my makeup on longer.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and found some helpful tips on what you can do to your own makeup to make it more fun, bold and make you feel more beautiful!!

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