Sunroom Makeover

I love sitting down with a cup of coffee for some quiet time in the morning in one of the most peaceful rooms inside our home. Colors speak. I really believe it! Colors portray moods, feelings and transfer those feeling over to us. I always loved the idea of a sunroom for some relaxing time and when we moved into this house I barely used this space because the color of the walls made me feel anxious and just stressed out.

Here is the BEFORE when we first walked through the house before buying it:

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.17.54 AM

AFTER: putting our own touches and furniture in


AFTER: the final product of what my vision was for the room!



I love the view into the yard and when the sun rays hit the room in the morning its really beautiful! I am now looking forward to spring with all the blooming and leaves coming back! I also have dedicated a garden space right when you walk out of this room, and I’m looking forward to seeing my vegetables grow in the summer!

My Color Theory:

Once we knew this house would be ours I started doing crazy amounts of research to find out what colors mean, what color scheme I’d want to incorporate, and how I would want to decorate this house to make it our home. So my recommendation is to take time to do the research, do swatches of different colors and find the shades you really want! For this room I wanted to have a color that was light, would look gentle yellow during the morning and day, and during the night would turn into a subtle green. Mission accomplished.
p.s. I picked a color first that was too green. It ended up being too dark and just didn’t become alive during the morning light hitting it. So once I started painting (late at night close to when Home Depot was closing) I realized the shade wouldn’t work for me. I went to the store, with about 5 minutes to closing and a tight time frame I made the fastest decision in picking out color! Thanks to the lady who was helping me the color turned out perfect and now I don’t feel like I have to repaint!

The process:

  1. Prep the walls. First of all, after moving into a new space, wash all the walls and ceiling. Seriously this is the most important part that you can’t afford to miss. Take a bucket of warm water, an old towel you won’t use anymore with some dishwasher soap, if the walls are extra filthy. Cover the wholes and cracks with paint caulk and speckle to have all the smooth surfaces to paint. Sand down the walls where it is needed.
  2. Paint all the windows, the trim, the baseboard, the door – basically everything white.  I don’t like using tape if I don’t have to, so I’m doing all the white first, then cutting in around the white with the color of the walls.
  3. Paint the wall color. Take your time to make it smooth and even.
  4. Put the furniture back in! Start with the biggest pieces and move in everything else in the progression of size. After furniture is in take time to sit there and decide on what decor pieces you want to bring in. We put 3 different rugs into this room before decided to stick with the one there now. It’s ok to change your mind.

Enjoy the space you create for yourself!



















One of the big changes that took a lot of time was painting the ceiling and the beams. The room is not big, and the ceiling is lower then the rest of the house, so having the beams painted in a dark brown (the same color as I used to paint the fireplace mantle) makes the room look longer and just adds dimension. I also painted the painting in the back; it’s a rooster and a world map in one 3D painting. There is a lot of meaning in it and I made it for my husband. 



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