Shades of Grey Smokey eye Makeup

Have you ever had that day when you’re running late, and can’t find your makeup that you want, or maybe feel uninspired to do anything with makeup? I have those days. Over the last year I found my favorite shades which came to a makeup look that’s my go-to on those off days. I always have these colors around, its quick, and I know it well, so when I’m not feeling super confident or have an off day, I can still do a good job and feel better!

What I love about this makeup look is that it only takes 2 eye shadow colors and the best part is that you can change it to match your shades and tones! As always, take the tips you find useful to you, and apply them in the best way to enhance your natural beauty and your eye shape!


  • Pick a shade of grey that will work well with your skin tone, hair color and over all complexion. There are different options and grey can be found in warm and cool tones, so experiment if you need to and find out what gets you the most compliments, or ask me, I’ll be happy to lend my opinion.
  • Have a big fluffy eye shadow brush for blending the harsh lines. I recommend this brush to be clean, it will take the excess shadow off and will be easiest for blending.
  • Lipstick color can change the entire look you have for that day, so play up a soft nude or a light pink for day, and change it up with a sultry berry or a classic red for Night on the town in the same day! Most importantly, have fun!

List of colors used are below.

Before & After:


Watch the video tutorial: 


Foundation Primer
Timewise Mattewear foundation
Concealer in Ivory 2
Brow Pencil in Brunette.
2 eye shadows: Crystaline and Stone
Gel eye liner in Black
Ultimate Mascara In black
Cheek Color: Lace highlighting powder (can be used as a highlighter but because my skin is so light I like it as a cheek color)
Bronzer in Light-to-Medium shade
Lip liner in Neutral
Pink Passion Cream Lipstick 









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