The Parlor

I grew up in Ukraine, so to me a room having a title “Living Room” was something new to get used to. When we bought our first home and we have space for the multiple rooms to be named properly, my husband has turned me on to the new terminology to be used to name our rooms in the house. So this is about our Parlor Makeover, and my little bits of Dounton Abbey love coming through.

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The Parlor is a room we spend the most time in, outside of the kitchen. So my theory when moving into this house was to “do” (decorate, remodel, diy the living daylights out of) the space where you will spend the most time in first; then slowly move your way around to finishing the space as you move into using and utilizing the space more.

This room is the first room you see when you walk into our home, after the foyer, so I wanted it to have a feeling of comfort, elegance and sophistication.

Here is the before shot: 
(when we walked through the house before buying it)
Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.17.00 AM

Here is the after shot: 

To give you perspective, there are 2 full size couches, 1 love seat, 3 coffee tables, 2 side tables, coat hanger, 6 ft’ tall chandelier lamp, the fireplace and the bookcases are still there, even though they are harder to see from this angle.

Because this is the first room I started with, a lot of the other pieces around our home have a reference to the decor in this space. Shades of blues and reds carry through in different forms, even though they may be a different shade of blues and reds, there is intentional cohesiveness.

I love, love, love DIY! So from this room I made a couple of pieces myself.

DIY: Coffee Table


This coffee table is about 26-28 in tall, and stands just above the couch seat. It is perfect height, and because its longer is easily fit into any space around this room. If you are like me and love to rearrange furnitures on a quarterly basis, pick lots of pieces for your rooms that can be put into different spaces and have more then one way to be utilized!

Cost: $6
I spent the money on 2 cans of spray paint, and reused some left over screws to connect the top to the drawers.

Time: 1 hour.
Include extra time for drying of the paint. This paint took longer to dry then the rest because it was colder that day, and the paint was not fast drying.

P.s. the tray on top of the table is also repurposed. I bought it for $1 at a garage sale, spray painted it, and made it work for me!

DIY: Coffee table #2

This coffee table top is a second sleeve from the old dining room table, and the legs I bought from Lowe’s. I attached the legs and spray painted all over with this fast drying super fun color!

Cost: $21
Spray paint, the legs and the screws to attache the legs.

More pictures:





The Curtain rods are part of a big project that I combined in different rooms of the house. I will post a separate post about them, how I put them together and where I got the materials.




The entire room took 1 year to complete. I kept looking for the pieces I wanted to put in the room, and just recently found the furniture that I think will stay here for a while. Even though the painting was done a year ago, the furniture as it is now, the curtains and the new ceiling color I did over one weekend in January.

I hope you found some helpful tips, and inspiring ideas on how to decorate your own space! If you LOVE it, please give me  THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE to get more ways to beautify!












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