DIY: Silver Plated Ceiling

A year ago my husband bought me a house and it’s been my playground with more ways to beautify ever part of it! My first makeover of a room was the Parlor, or the living room some may call it.

Slowly it’s been coming along into the vision I had for it. This room is 20 x 16, everything was bland and I wanted it to have a cozy but sophisticated look! Nothing says sophisticated to me like a little sparkle in a very controlled way!

I decided to Silver Plate the ceiling to make the room appear smaller, bring the shadows in and create a very welcoming and relaxing ambiance. (Scroll down for more pictures)


(this photo was taken when we were walking through the house, the colors on walls, curtains, the fireplace and the furniture are all from previous owner. Follow the blog to get the next post and the detailed description of how this room is now decorated.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.17.00 AM.png



Color theory:

  • Dark shades make rooms appear smaller, so a darker ceiling (darker then a shade of white) will make the room appear smaller, ceiling will appear lower and more cozy.
  • Light shades make rooms appear bigger, more open, more filled with light.
  • The walls in our Parlor are 10 Ft high, and I wanted to have a reflective surface for light, but a warmer ambiance with a darker ceiling.


It took me an entire weekend to clear the room of all furniture, prep and paint, and of course put everything back together. Again, the room is 20 ft by 16 ft, and it took me half an hour to apply 1 coat of paint over the entire ceiling.



  • $130-140 total, with materials left over for future projects.


  • Check out this video how-to from Ralph Lauren, it’s very helpful:
  • Silver Plated Paint How-To step by step.
  • Get more paint then you need to, or be prepared to go back to the store for more. I used 4 coats to cover the ceiling, and had to go back to the store to buy another gallon. I ended up using 1.5 gallons total.
  • Take time and be patient with this paint. Painting the ceiling is hard, not just physically on your neck and back. Take regular breaks if you need to. Test out the paint on a corner to see how its moving and how its applying on the surface, then do the rest of the surface.
  • Have fun!

More pictures:



If you loved this look, share it with a friend and follow me fore more tips and the next post on the decor of this room!



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