Perfect Lipstick Shade 101

Do you ever go to the store and buy a lipstick, bring it home to put it on, and it looks funny on you?

Here is my lipstick 101, my top 5 tips. 

  1. Exfoliate your lips routinely. When you can see the natural beauty of your lip color its easier to find a perfect match of a lipstick. You can find many different ways to exfoliate your lips, my favorite is the Lip Mask from Mary kay because it also comes with a Lip Balm. I like that its scent free and very gentle.
  2. Lip Liner – isn’t for everyone, so don’t feel like you need to use it. If you do, stock up on 3 shades: neutral, red, and pink. Those colors will fit perfectly with most lipsticks and you won’t need to have 10 of them on hand. The key is to pick a neutral one that fits closest to your natural lip shade, so this one will vary based on your skin tones. One of my favorite ways to use lip liner is to outline my lips, and even fill my whole lip with the liner and use tinted lip balm to add moisture. Your lips will look like you have matte lipstick on, and its only lip liner! My go to is this lip liner – Clear! Yes, clear lip liner is the best! I can use it with every lipstick and it will give the allusion of bigger fuller lips without extra color, and you only need to buy 1 not a bunch!
  3. Application – use a brush if you have extra time, this will give you a softer look and the lipstick will look more natural.
  4. Blot – it will allow your lipstick to stay on longer and look fresh without being greasy. Blotting also helps your lipstick to be layered, so you can create an ombre effect by using more then one shade, and of course eliminates lipstick getting on your teeth!
  5. Know your colors! This is the color chart I like the most and find the most accurate to my decision making when picking color for myself or for someone else (which I do for my job):

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.25.14 PM

Here are my comments to each category:

FAIR skin

  • Red lipstick is classic, so pick a shade that has a cool tone to it, which will be the blue under tone, it will bounce off the pale skin and won’t make you look yellow. It is also great because it will make your teeth look brighter. Sometimes this shade looks a bit berry tone and often is very bright. Here is my personal go-to red lipstick, I actually have 2 of them because this is my skin tone and I wear red often. Really Red and Firecracker. (one is more moisturizing and one of them is more like a traditional lipstick)
  • Pink is a must for every lady! This color has a lot of variables and shades to pick from, if you’re new to lipsticks, pick one and stick with it as your go-to! In this case for fair skin, keep it light and bright, not too berry, because that can go very dark. This is a very girly shade, soft and romantic. Here are my favorites for this light pink category: Pink Passion (creamy and a tiny bit of sparkle), Pink Cherie (rich in moisture and a little lighter in shade then pink passion, gloss, no sparkle)
  • Peach is a good compliment and a general hue, for someone with light skin this is typically the color closest to their skin tone of their lips (not skin tone). This shade is perfect for summer and spring time! My favorite in this category are: First blush – I wore this color for weeks when I first found it. Its my no lipstick kind of look because its natural and very soft!

Medium complexion

  • Reds – typically this skin tone has more yellow then pink their skin tone, and blood red – a bold color looks great! I recommend Firecracker in this category! It’s bold, bright and compliments very well!
  • Pink is a great must have lip color and I’m recommending Wild about pink Shade – its creamy and has that perfect pink look!
  • Perfect peach color is going to highlight this complexion and it’s of course the color that will be the closest to neutral tone. Check out Color Me Coral  as my favorite for this category!

OLIVE skin 

  • Dark red – pick something that’s cool tone with a little of burgundy color in it. My recommendation is Sizzling Red, it’s rich in color and will go well with the skin tone.
  • Pink category turns into a berry for this skin tone. Because the lip color will be darker, you will find these shades to compliment your skin and lip color – it should be a dark pink version, which is basically berry tones. Check out this one (my favorite name for a lipstick) – Sassy Fuchsia or Rosette for a more natural look. This category is the natural looking lipstick. If you need a perfect nude for Olive skin stick with Rosette.
  • Apricot also means orange. It doesn’t mean this shade has to be bright or bold. But have fun with it! I would pick between Tangerine Pop  and Apricot Glaze.

DEEP skin 

  • Brown Red is your go -to here. Especially if you’re picking up lipstick for the first time in a red shade. You can also stick with a dark red. Check out Red in this shade.
  • Look for a Dark berry color instead of pinks, this one is also going to be close to a natural look for your lips, or a nude lip. Look for something like Berry Kiss  or Rich Fig .
  • Dark Apricot is basically a yellow/brown tone of lipstick. Look for a pop of color like Citrus Flirt or Sunset for a more natural look.



CONFIDENCE! Honestly, these rules are really for someone who is new to wearing a lipstick. If you find a shade, if you love it, WEAR it! If you wear it with confidence you will look great it in! Use the tips if you need ideas and help, but most of all, enjoy yourself!

Did you find this blog helpful? Share it with a friend and let me know what your new favorite lipstick shade is!



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