Bold Eye Liner

Are you sometimes so busy you skip on your usual full on makeup routine just so you can get out the door in time?

I find that my January has been that way, so I am looking for more ways to have a strong makeup look without taking a long time to get it done. Its definitely possible! One of my absolutely favorite looks is with a strong eye brow and a bold eye liner which makes a statement, great on time, and lasts all day!

It took me about 10 and a half minutes to film this video, and that includes the moisturizer and my winter foundation routine! I have a couple of different ways I like to do my eye brows so look for my brow tutorials coming up soon! Also, I’m not focusing on my foundation and will have a full video talking about my winter foundation routine coming up shortly!

I hope you find this video helpful, I’m committed to making these quick tutorials less then 5 minutes in length to give you ideas, inspiration and quick tips without taking forever.

Keys to success:

  • Practice
  • Good quality gel eye liner
  • Clean brushes, especially for the eye liner

It’s ok to take longer to apply the eye liner, especially in the beginning. Don’t try this look expecting it to be super easy peasy, I’ve had lots and lots of practice. So give yourself a break and have fun!

Total cost of my makeup today: $63

Lasting: 6 months -3 years. My gel eye liner lasts me longer then 2-3 years. I use it almost every day and its crazy good lasting! I’ve had mine for 2 years and it’s about two thirds out.

To get this eye liner and a personal consultation with me click on this linkĀ .

Stay fabulous and beautiful!




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