DIY: Custom headboard


 Welcome to my house makeover first ever post! We purchased our home a year ago and I have been enjoying some fun projects making it into our own space! My husband has given me full control of how it would look inside and even though my budget is super tight, I’ve loved making it into space that defines us as a couple and allows us to enjoy our home!

I hope to bring you some tips, ideas, inspiration and advice from my personal experience doing makeovers inside the house. I’m no expert, I’m just a girl with a vision and a “figure it out” mindset to get my vision into reality!


Our headboard + bed before the makeover were a cause of frustration. It was a seperate headboard that was not attached to the wall or to the bed frame. It was constantly moving around and just not comfortable. At the moment we still have a queen size mattress and plan on upgrading to a new king size mattress in the near future. So the bed needs to accommodate the now queen and future king and have options for us to be comfortable there now. (I have this thing about changing up the layout, the furniture arrangement and I need to have options for every piece of furniture to be movable in the future. Anyone else have this problem?)


Custom made headboard.

My inspiration for this bedroom makeover was a modern European hotel, with fun colors, cool furniture, and a floating headboard! If you notice the modern European floating headboard is thin and just really sleek and polished. So after I did a little research at Home Depot, found a sheet of wood that was light enough to hang on the wall and not rip out the wall, I got right to it! My husband was out of town for 2 days and it was my goal to finish the bed and surprise him! It definitely worked! He couldn’t believe that it was put up overnight!


1. Buy the wood.

 This size I picked because it was large – 8 by 4 feet. Our bedroom is 18 by 14 and this piece looks small in the empty room. You definitely need a friend with a truck to deliver this and bring it into your house, I did not do that alone. This piece is also 5/8 in thick, it’s perfect for the headboard bc it’s not going to bulge out when I attach it to the wall and it is not too heavy since my fear was that if I hang it on the wall the weight would rip out the dry wall. This size is great because I can switch the size of the mattress and this headboard would accommodate up to California king! The good news is that you can have Home Depot custom cut the exact size you want if this shape doesn’t work or if it can’t fit through your house to bring it into the room.

Cost: $25

2. Upholstering.

I’m crazy on saving money where I can – not because I’m cheap but because I can think of a million other places where I can go shopping and spend my money. The most expensive material in the headboard is usually the foam that you would have the softest part of it in the headboard. It is around $35 per yard at Joann’s fabric, and even with 50% off cupouns that’s a lot to cover 8 feet. I bought 3 and a half yards of stretch velvet in white and got creative with the material to replace the foam.

We had a stack of blankets and throw comforters that we were not using and could easily part with, so I used 2 comforters and 2 thin blankets to work as the cushion.

Lay out a clean sheet (literally a sheet) on the floor so my white velvet isn’t getting dirty from the carpet and floor.

Lay out the velvet on top of it. And place the blankets on top of that.  

I used a small staple gun from Walmart, I think it was about $15 and I use it on a lot of projects in the house. Tighten the blanket around the board and staple it in. I attached the comforters first, then  the thin blanket on top. Cut out any extra access material off. 

Time: 45 minutes.

Staple in the velvet. Attach it on the length side first, when both sides are done staple the two sides left. This will allow for stretching the material evenly, especially if you have a fabric with a pattern.

A little more detail on my work progress. And you can see the regular every day blankets I used.  

Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $11

3. Attach the headboard to the wall.

  • Measure, measure, measure!
  • Don’t do it alone – it’s heavy.
  • Find the wood in the wall to attach it to.
  • Use bolts instead of hanging it on the wall.
  • Measure measure measure! Triple check so you don’t have to redo it!

I wanted this look with the headboard sticking out behind the night stands, then if we change to a bigger mattress we can still use the same headboard. I measured it 5 spots where I drilled a whole thru the headboard to make it stay! You can see the circled spots where the board was drilled in and secured into the wall – 4 corners and the top middle. I already knew I wanted to create a tufted look so it was an easy decision. I’m using the buttons with a mirrored finish for a little bling. The buttons are attached via glue gun. After measuring out the other spots for the buttons I stapled in a spot to make it similar to the dent of the corners. This custom headboard isn’t going anywhere! 

Time: 20 minutes.

4. Finishing touches


Using the same materials as paint and the leftover fabric from the headboard I re-upholstered the bench and painted it. I found it on Craigslist for $15 and that’s basically what it cost me! I love what it adds to this look.

The lamps make me very happy because it’s a shade of grey that’s warm and it combines the color of the furniture and the warm color of the fireplace and chase lounge in the room (not shown here). I am a big fan of a cohesive thought in the design and I love how the textures, colors and color hues all work well with each other.

I am also using two carpets in this room. Right now that’s the best combination I found since the real hand made carpets in this size for a room like ours will be very expensive I can wait to get the one I want in here. Sometimes you just need to wait a little to get the exact thing you want!

Here is a before and after. The before picture is from when we bought the house, there was green carpet and everything was yellowish white paint.


What do you think?

I would love your comments and hear what you think of this look! Was this post helpful in how to create your own custom headboard?

Give me a thumbs up and share with your DIY junkie friend for some ideas!



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