This is an interesting journey.

Last week I hated being pregnant. Like literally I thought, I don’t want to do this again, and if I could just get babies who were my own without all this work, I’d totally be ok with it. So much pain, so much sacrifice and so much work just to make a baby.

But then, my body isn’t JUST making a baby. It created a whole new life, a being, a future husband for someone, a man who will be part of the society and will make a difference, leave a legacy. My body is creating my own legacy. There is more then just hair and fingers and toes, all those long limbs I keep feeling inside are from a person, a real human being that my body is making from scratch. That’s a miracle I wish for every woman to experience.

Do I like the process though? Not really. Today may be a good day, but over all, this is hard stuff people!


24 weeks hit me hard, I stopped counting for a bit and then all of the sudden I forgot how far along I was when someone asked. I had to look at my app to figure it out. Pregnancy also makes you forget absolutely everything you know. This is a fact backed up by every single pregnant woman and sleep deprived mom.

This week I’ve been feeling baby boys kick SO much and they are so strong that several times I’ve even seen my belly move from the foot or knee in there. Apparently its the positioning of my placenta that allows me to feel the movements more, I’m both excited about this and nervous for the future because when I was pregnant with Rollo his foot was wedged between my ribs for the last month, and if I will be feeling the movements of this one more – then I might be in trouble later this summer.

Current cravings:
– Veggies. Grilled, fresh cucumbers dipped into ranch, anything that’s fresh and has a crunch to it, so less salads this time.
– Mexican taco salad, specifically from this one restaurant in Owego.
– Chocolate cake. Maybe it’s because I’m eating more veggies and lighter meals that my body needs some more calories, so I’ve been craving chocolate cake for the first time this pregnancy.
– Chai lattes with almond milk, recently found a good recipe for making it at home and saving some serious $$ not going to Starbucks as much.

The weather has been so great I’ve been walking regularly, daily actually and it feels awesome to at least be able to do that when physically it doesn’t feel like my body can handle any other work out then walking.


P.s. I love that I get a baby at the end of this deal, but honestly, pregnancy is difficult. Pregnancy in the summer is hot and uncomfortable. You have no control over your body and sometimes even body functions, so if you’ve got a pregnant lady around you – be kind, offer help, let her sit, rest and bring her something she’s been craving lately!

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